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Event calendar

Below you will find interesting climate and energy relevant events for local governments and their partners, including project-specific offers.

CovenantCapacity Event
Covenant capaCITY webinar for Local Stakeholders
Interactive learning process among local energy stakeholders
5 February, 2014
Target audience: public authorities (government - both national and local), technical professionals (academe - research, consultants - advisors), energy industry actors (electricity and energy associations, producers, consumers, regulators and network administrators), private sector (financial and trading sector), and civil society (non-government organizations).
Description: Local energy stakeholders express their views about low-carbon energy technologies especially when it directly or indirectly impacts their own territories. Through this sessions, local energy stakeholders will participate in an interactive learning process which will elicit their preferences for the different criteria and indicators for evaluating low-carbon energy technologies. An integrated weighting tool that is able to collect preferences on low-carbon energy technologies is introduced and applied together with the participants. This process provides useful insights on how to prioritize low carbon energy options when conducting SEAPs.

For more information contact: carsten.rothballer@iclei.org
Organiser: Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) and ICLEI Europe


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