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Event calendar

Below you will find interesting climate and energy relevant events for local governments and their partners, including project-specific offers.

CovenantCapacity Event
Covenant capaCITY webinar on Community-Led Local Development
Mobilisation of public-private financing for Community power
14 January, 2014
Target audience: Local decision makers, local government representatives
Description: The European Parliament voting in favour of the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2014-2020 marks a major step forward in transforming Europe into a clean and competitive low-carbon economy. At least 20 percent of the entire budget will be spent on climate-related projects and policies. This commitment triples the current share (6-8 percent) and could yield as much as €180 billion in climate finance in all major spending areas, including structural funds, research, agriculture, maritime policy and fisheries, and development.

CEE Bankwatch Network, a partner in the CO-POWER project, encourages local governments to explore the newly-introduced “Community-Led Local Development” approach enabling local governments together with citizens and businesses to establish their own local sustainable energy framework, including community owned energy projects. This capaCITY webinar will brief local stakeholders on key elements how to mobilize public-private financing for community based sustainable energy projects and how to deal with the NIMBY syndrome.
Organiser: ICLEI Europe


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