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Event calendar

Below you will find interesting climate and energy relevant events for local governments and their partners, including project-specific offers.

CovenantCapacity Event
capaCITY Stakeholder Involvement Workshop
- Improving engagement in sustainable energy roll-out
16 May, 2012
Sofia, Bulgaria
Target audience: Open to local decision-makers, municipal staff and representatives of local government associations and networks
Description: Local government representatives, local decision-makers, and local government associations / networks are invited to participate in this free workshop.
How does one engage local stakeholders in local climate and energy action? How can one keep their interest? What processes work?
The Covenant capaCITY project consortium offers this workshop, with experts on the topic sharing their know-how.
1 full day workshop, providing an insight into stakeholder involvement processes, communication methods and tools.
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For more information: www.covenant-capacity.eu
Organiser: Act on Energy (UK) and ICLEI Europe
Partners: Covenant capaCITY Consortium


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